Community Supported Agriculture

We want to thank our customers who signed up for our 2010 C.S.A. program. At this time, we are sold out for the season. The opportunity to sign up for next season will begin in early 2011.

Community Supported Agriculture is typically explained as individuals coming together as a community to pledge financial support to a farm operation so that the farmland in essence becomes an extension of the community. The growers and consumers both share in the risks and benefits of food production, especially the satisfaction gained from connecting to the land and helping the environment in a small but powerful way.

Consumers or “share holders” who participate in Sherwood Farm’s C.S.A. program will receive their shares of the farm’s bounty throughout the growing season by prepaying before the season. What differentiates Sherwood’s C.S.A. is customer choice in the types of produce and fruit that fill the baskets each week. Baskets are sized to feed a family of four.

If this program doesn’t suit your needs, don’t worry! Our regular farm stand is still in operation, as always. Customers can relax, enjoy the country air, socialize with friends and make new ones while picking out fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, fresh meat, or whatever makes your heart sing.